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Goodwin’s Skin Soother came about in November 2017 when our mother had finished chemotherapy for stage 2 breast cancer. She was getting ready to start external beam radiation. After talking with her Radiation Oncologist, the options for cream were merely just band aids in our opinion. So we decided to do some research and make her some cream. What we came up with has just 6, all natural, vegan and organic ingredients. No chemicals and nothing from animals.

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Benefits of our cream
Shea butter… rich in fatty acids and vitamins, helps heal small wounds, helps fight inflammation, great for moisturizing skin, helps in boosting
collagen and repairing damaged skin, good for babies skin, helps with chronic itch and irritation, can help with healing sunburned skin, can even help prevent peeling and blistering, contains vitamins A, E, F, Cinnamic acid and moisturizer that mimics secretions from sebaceous glands.
Fractionated coconut oil… contains more caprylic acid and capric acid than coconut oil, long chain triglycerides are removed, has antioxidants, helps fade skin spots, stretch marks, acne and scars, easily absorbs into skin, mild antibacterial properties, can aid in healing skin.

Additional information

Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3 × 2 in